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Our Objective

Allergen Aware is the solution that is specifically designed to help everyone in simplifying and obtaining allergy information and helping people to understand potiential risks, which can be sometimes fatal to certain members of our community and public.

Allergen Aware is here to make eating out safe and enjoyable for everyone. Through our specially designed website and mobile app, it is very easy to look through food menus clearly and filter out potential dangers for anyone with any allergy, on the basis of 14 allergen laws.

Customer Services

How Allergen Aware works for Customers?

Customers finds Allergen Aware on the internet or on their smart phones through our Mobile App.

Customers enters their postcode to find the restaurants that deliver to their area.

Customers orders from the online menu by filtering the menu on the basis of 14 allergen menus.

Customer can pay by 3 options: Credit Card/PayPal/Cash on Delivery.

How Allergen Aware works for the Restaurant?

We'll make you use our website with a direct link to your menu with 14 allergen information.

We promote the website on search engine like Google and do social marketing to make people aware of your food items.

We market your food items on the basis of 14 allergens on various platforms.

You will be supported by a dedicated customer care team with 24/7 customer support.

We invest more in marketing than any other brand in the food sector, to make sure the orders keep coming to restaurant.

Restaurant receives the order confirmation through SMS and Email.

About the Mobile APP

Customers and staff can download the App and quickly find the dishes and eat

Why Join Allergen Aware?

Allergen Aware is the UK's growing online food delivery and collection website which filter the food menus on the basis of 14 allergens.

We inform people about the food allergies and let them eat healthy with extensive allergy information.

There are more than 10 million people regularly online who order food online in a month and we let the customers filter out dishes from menu on the basis of 14 allergens.

Put your menu on our Website and Mobile App and you'll instantly connect with local customers already ordering over internet.

Why we are best?

About Us

Most of us loves to eat and enjoy different dishes in various restaurants. People with allergies always worried food contaminants and allergic reactions. Customers with allergies are always looking for the places, where they can find the food which is suitable for them.

It was difficult to find eateries with allergy menus or alergic policies, but Allergen Aware has made it easy for people with allergies to find restaurants or takeaways where they can eat without any worry.

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