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Every one of us loves to eat and like to enjoy different dishes in various restaurants. People with various allergies are always worried about the food quality and its ingredients. They always keep looking for the places where they can find the food which is suitable for them. It was a difficult task to find the restaurants with allergy menus or allergy policies but Allergen Aware Solution has made it easy for the people with allergies to find the restaurants where they can eat without any worry.

Allergen Aware solution for food allergies gives chance to the people to find the restaurant on the basis of different criteria including location, allergy or cuisine. You have an option to view menus from different restaurants along with the ingredients of dishes and filter out the menus on the basis of allergy to choose your dishes before booking. Leave your own reviews or view the reviews from other people to find the best food items on the basis of your allergy type. After getting complete satisfaction about the food, make your booking and enjoy the decision and safe food in favorite restaurant_nameaurant of your choice

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Make Smart Decision through Allergen Awareness

Allergen Aware Solution is designed to create a safe and allergen free world for the customers of restaurants and food lovers. Allergen Aware cannot guaranty the accuracy of information provided by the restaurant or its food items but it is striving to provide maximum information about the food items and their ingredients to let the people know everything. You need to take care of yourself by telling the chef about your allergies and check the ingredients twice of every dish before making an order.

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In addition to Allergen Aware, you can contact us or call the restaurant to get the answer of your queries and to know the perfect way of how they will cater for your allergy. No matter, you get good or bad experience with the Allergen Aware or Restaurant, feel free to leave your review and let others know about your experience. Your review will help us in providing better services in the future and people with food allergies can find a perfect place to eat their food.


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