Why Allergen Aware

Allergen Aware is a solution which was created to help people with allergies, celiac disease or any other disorder. Not only can you find the best restaurants along with their complete menu but also place orders. Allergen aware is superb for restaurants/Takeaways as it will make all customers aware of what food can or will contain allergies.   
Tips for Safe Eating through Allergen Aware 
Allergen aware is designed for people who are always interested in checking menus to make sure their food does not contain anything unsuitable for them. All Customers are made aware by each dish containing allergies as they will be highlighted in bold. Safety tips to make sure your food is cooked accordingly are as follows:
Eating your meal in any restaurant must be an enjoyable treat and Allergen Aware gives you a chance to do your research, ask the questions and enjoy your meal with complete satisfaction.

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