How to manage your profile?

By registering yourself with the Allergen Aware and creating your profile, you can update your allergy profile, menus, description of the restaurant and other relevant details. Do all the changes to your profile whenever you need it.

How to register as a restaurant?

Restaurants can register with Allergen Aware and create the profile. We give you a chance to personalize your profile by uploading a picture of the restaurant. You also have an opportunity to reply the customer reviews and give the brand image of your restaurant through your logo.

Can I make the restaurant name and details appear in the profile?

Yes you can make the restaurant name and details appear on your profile. You just need to activate your account and all the details will appear in your profile according to your requirement.  

Can I update my pictures?
Yes, you can update or add the images according to your location by sending them to the team of Allergens solution.

Can I update the allergy list or restaurant description?
Yes, you can update the allergy list or restaurant description any time to cater your requirements through your profile.

How can I upload a new restaurant location to my profile?

You receive a location file when you register and make your profile. If you didn’t receive the file, then you can email our team to receive a new file. 

How can I update the location and menu details in the profile of the restaurant?

You need to click on the locations and then you need to choose your restaurant and add the menu details. You need to click the update button every time you make changes to the profile settings. If you find any issue, then our team at Allergen Solution is ready to help you with out 24/7 support services.  

Can I register as a diner?

Yes, you can register as a diner with Allergen Solution and create your profile. A confirmation email will be sent in order to confirm your registration and when you click on the activation link in an email, you will be able to activate your profile. 

Will I receive the Allergen Solution Newsletters?

Yes, you will receive the newsletters when you check the (I would like to receive newsletters and email from Allergen Solution) box. You need to enter your email address and our team will send you newsletters with the latest allergy news and updates from experts, special offers and all the notifications from the restaurants.

Can I give review of the restaurant which I visit?

Yes, you can provide review regarding specific restaurant to let other people with food allergies find the best restaurants and enjoy a good and memorable dining experience. Your review will be passed through the moderator policy and then it will be made live within 24 hours. 

How can I advertise on Allergen Solution?

If you own a product or you provide some sort of service for the people with food allergies, then you can advertise it with Allergen Solution. You can contact us and give us details about your product or service and our team will advertise your product or service at nominal charges. 

Can I become an Allergen Solution Partner?

Yes, Allergen Solution gives you a chance to become our partner if you are a restaurant, food manufacturer, blogger or in any aspect related to allergy food. You just need to contact our customer support and our team will help you in becoming our partner. Allergen Solution is working to have the valuable partners to provide a memorable dining experience to the people with food allergies.

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