Cookies Policy

Any website which makes use of the cookies uses them to provide better customers services. In this context, Allergen Aware is also using cookies to get knowledge and information of our clients and their usage of our web. At the same time we are also committed to keep your personal information safe with us and no third party is allowed to reach it by any means.

While entering to the web, server is supposed to send a cookie to your system which helps us to get familiar with your system and it allows us to refine your search or activities on our web. While you log-in to the web, you agree with terms and conditions by allowing the usage of cookies.

1. Strictly necessary cookies

This type of cookies is essential because it allow you to move around the web and use the features. It records your post code and makes you do e-billing and cart shopping from web. In case you don’t allow this cookie or reject it then you won’t be able to use Takeaway food feature on Allergen Aware.

2. Performance cookies

These cookies are supposed to select the information regarding usage of a website. It shows which pages are often visited by the person and system is also notified, if he/she gets the error from web pages. Collected information is completely anonymous and helps to improve web working. Basically it monitors:

3. Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies are used to identify you, not personally but keep your preferences in order to provide enhanced and personal features from website. Your other personal information or internet usage is not tracked down but it helps us with serving advertisements.

For example you want any live assistance like chat with our team; these cookies allow you take assistance on your order takeaway. Information might be used with a third party but only for the purpose to provide you the product you have requested or ordered for.

4. Targeting & Sharing cookies

These cookies are used in delivering more relevant advertisement on the basis of your interests. It might provide you services of your interests on this or any other website you use.

Information which is collected using these cookies is only by the reference of your IP address. It is used to inform you about the products or services that might be of your interest according to your browsing experience. It may link social media network like Facebook, twitter etc to advertise products of your interest to you.

Managing Cookie Preferences:

Some cookies are solely served by our web server but some are third party linked who are providing you services through our platform. It helps us in offering better user experience while you the user browsing through internet.

Most of the browsers don’t notify while setting the cookie because procedure is automatic, but you can always change your preferences. To know more about cookies, their usage, and how you can manage or delete them visit the website this link will get you complete information on cookies and how one can block them. Please remember that blocking few cookies might disable you from using our website and take full advantage of it.

For further details about how your personal information is used, read our privacy policy so you will know that all the information we gather from the cookies will not identify you.

We always try to develop new ways of handling your cookie preferences. With emerging new solutions and technologies regarding cookies policy, this cookies policy may get updated from time to time.

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