Sulphur dioxide


People suffering from asthmatic disease are more likely to be allergic with the products containing sulphites.

Food items containing sulphur dioxide:

It is found in some meat products, wine, bear, tinned coconut milk, bottled lime and lemon juice, grape juice, fresh and frozen prawns, soft drinks, pickled food, vinegar. On the label or in the list of ingredients you will find names like calcium sulphite, sodium sulphite, sulphite ammonia caramel etc.

Ingredients to watch out:

  • Sulphur 
  • Sulphur Dioxide
  • Potassium bisulphate
  • Sodium bisulphite 
  • Sulphiting agents 
  • Sulphurous acid
  • E220 Sulphur dioxide
  • E221 Sodium sulphite

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