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By Andrew Vachss

ISBN-10: 156971830X

ISBN-13: 9781569718308

Whilst one other probability to Get it correct debuted at the Oprah Winfrey express in 1993, darkish Horse used to be deluged with telephone calls as humans clamored to shop for the booklet. darkish Horse is proud to supply an up to date variation of the acclaimed selection of brief tales, poetry, and allegory. This re-creation boasts an all new, by no means prior to released Vachss-penned prose tale known as "La Corazón del Niños," besides illustrations and a powerful new conceal via Geof Darrow (The Matrix, Shaolin Cowboy, the large man and Rusty the Boy robotic, challenging Boiled). the gorgeous drawings upload a unique measurement to this occasion of the possibility of parenting, a size that's not often obvious within the style, making it as a lot inspirational because it is educational.

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