New PDF release: Animal Day: Pressure Testing the Martial Arts

By Geoff Thompson

ISBN-10: 184024111X

ISBN-13: 9781840241112

This ebook explodes the myths approximately what does and what doesn't paintings in martial arts on today's risky streets. Geoff educates a reader in all points of 'pressure testing' the martial arts, making sure that approach and personality healthy whilst it rather concerns.

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35 Animal Day Adrenalin is a natural feeling that should be accepted with out panic. There is no way around these feelings, everyone feels them, they are a part and parcel of adversity. Now let’s look at the excuse syndrome. This is where the inner opponent will find you many seemingly legitimate excuses not to pressure test, you have to recognise these and be honest with yourself. Don’t let silly excuses hinder your development. Whilst you might think that you will not get or use excuses to avoid the adversity of Animal Day you will get them and you will be tempted to use them, it is natural to feel these feelings, just don’t go with them because if you’re not getting wet then you’re not learning to swim.

Also, because they are mental as opposed to physical, they can quite often be very difficult to admit or detect. The greatest intangible is physical contact, sparring or getting hit. A great percentage of people leave training because they are frightened of sparring. Even at the boxing club when I was coaching, it was common knowledge that you lost 85% of your new starters after you put them in the ring for the first time. The only way to overcome this is, firstly, to admit it. Don’t be ashamed, everyone feels the same so you’re not on your own.

All they can 48 Animal Day teach is how they think it might be. I’m not saying that it makes them bad instructors of their art, on the contrary, they may be great instructors, but you can’t teach what you don’t know. Due to the fact that grappling is not allowed during sparring, sloppy technique is inadvertently encouraged: slowly retracted kicks, overcommitted kicks, unrealistically high and flash kicks, pivoting on one leg after retraction of the kick, leg fencing (both fighters standing on one leg and fencing with their feet), deep stances that impede fast movement, low or no guard that leaves the major target (the head) completely unprotected, only using straight punches and constantly pulling those punches on impact with the target, not practising any grappling and lastly being frightened of admitting that Karate does have weaknesses for fear of offending their art, instructors, masters or even themselves and getting deeply offended by anyone else that has the insight to point out the weaknesses to them.

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