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Bohr preferred “a more private communication with Litvinoff from some independent individual, and if not yourself, perhaps me or perhaps better Langevin”. To obtain a second opinion, Bohr followed Rutherford’s advice to involve Langevin in the question, sharing all the material on the matter sent by Rutherford, while expressing his reservation that “he was not sure that a more private communication with Litvinoff might not be more effective, and at the same time less dangerous for Kapitza”. In the meanwhile, Kapitza was given his own physics laboratory in Moscow, the Institute for Physical Problems under the auspices of the Soviet Academy.

29 He was not cleared for the highly secret atomic bomb project, so when Bohr and Frankfurter met again at the Danish Embassy in December 1943, the topic was not touched upon. However, in a subsequent private conversation, which took place at the Supreme Court on 15 February 1944, Frankfurter indicated that he knew about the existence of the project and was concerned about its implications. Then, as Bohr recalled it in an account of his relationship with Frankfurter written the following year: “… without entering upon matters of military secrecy B[ohr] … told F[rankfurter] that in his opinion the accomplishment of the project should offer a unique opportunity for furthering a future harmonious co-operation between nations.

South African Prime Minister Jan Christian Smuts, who with his muchread book, “Holism and Evolution”,32 had contributed to the discussion of the philosophical implications of natural science, was quite taken by Bohr’s thinking. ”33 Most likely, Smuts also had a chance to talk to Bohr at a dinner in the Royal Society in November 1943 to which Bohr had been invited to speak about international scientific relations. Churchill had high regard for Smuts, whom he had known at least since World War I and whom he had made an honorary Field Marshal in the British Army in September 1941.

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