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By Sienna Skyy

ISBN-10: 0981608760

ISBN-13: 9780981608761

Bruce and Gloria are in love. yet their severe passions for all times and for every different have made them unwitting pawns in a cosmic conflict among forces for reliable and evil. that allows you to satisfy his darkish future, Enervata, a demonic spirit, captures Gloria. to save lots of her, Bruce needs to embark on a quest throughout the United States, armed with simply the scantest of clues. a number of humans sign up for him in this quest, together with his ally, a rocker, a stand-up comedienne, a bit previous Italian girl, an old-beyond-her-years baby, and a surprisingly visionary fortuneteller. they are going to face overwhelming demanding situations from Enervata's minions at each flip. And as they do, Gloria's destiny - and the destiny of all humanity - turns into ever extra tenuous.At as soon as an imagination-stirring delusion, a relocating love tale, and an endearing story of friendship and sacrifice, American Quest is a rousing and forever intriguing examining event.

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Bruce grinned. ” Bruce gave a rueful shake of his head. “You can’t help yourself. You stop leading the marching band and instead you walk all sleek and catlike. ” She harrumphed, but could not banish the smile—probably a sleepy one—from her lips. “No use fighting it, babe. It’s my natural pheromones. They’re awfully powerful. ” Gloria snorted. “I see. Then explain this: since you observed this ever-so-dramatic change in me from across the street, how could I have been reacting to your, um, devastating pheromones?

Jamie raised her hand to the place where Gloria was looking—and found a tag standing at attention. ” Candace exclaimed. And none too quietly. Folks from the other tables turned and gaped. Jamie felt the color rise to her cheeks. “Aw, you can’t tell,” Bruce said, smoothing Jamie’s hair and patting her cheek. Gloria’s eyes traveled from Jamie up the length of Bruce’s arm to his face. Jamie took a step back. As brilliant as Bruce was, he seemed particularly dense about things like understanding that women didn’t want their fiancés caressing other women—even women they’d known from infancy.

She felt the unmistakable flow she felt every time they touched like this. The first time it happened, she thought she might be coming down with something. Now she realized it was just the opposite. “They want to do scientific research on me, you know,” he said huskily, their faces still touching. ” He stepped back to wave his hand dismissively. “Yeah, they. ” She nuzzled his neck. “Well you know what? They’re right. To hell with dinner. ” At first, Gloria thought Bruce was actually going to take her up on this.

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