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9). 5}, he grabs hold of both of Uke’s hands. Tori and Uke are now standing diagonally opposed to each other. Tori now takes a step forwards (irimi). Then Tori changes the direction of his movement by turning his hips through 180° (tai no henka). So that Tori can do this he brings his arm up slightly. It is important in this action not to pull the arms outwards. Tori’s arms remain permanently on his longitudinal axis and his elbows remain pointing downwards and not rotated outwards. 7 Foot Movements – 90° Angles Besides the movements described already, 90° changes of direction also play an important role in basic foot movements in Aikido.

Because Aikido is based on standardized principles, there are a series of foot movements that always crop up. If one has understood these, then just beginners in Aikido can discover the basic techniques more easily. Each foot movement is covered in this chapter using examples of the movement to make them clear. The examples of the movements are, on the other hand, only part movements of the Aikido techniques. 10), three of the positions with the sword (amongst others) serve as illustration to allow a better understanding of the foot movements.

The forward knee is still always kept well bent. In the on guard position, the upper body is kept upright (one speaks of an upright longitudinal axis). The shoulders are relaxed and pulled back slightly. The arms are held down loosely without being slack – an air of readiness should be exuded. 2010 9:47 Uhr Seite 36 AIKIDO – THE BASICS In this position, Tori can work up a good feeling in time of how to keep a good stable triangular stance. For this, the rear foot forms the base of the triangle with the forward hand forming the tip of it.

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