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By Victor Miller, Terry Dodson

ISBN-10: 1556431511

ISBN-13: 9781556431517

Clash is an unavoidable element of residing. The past due popular aikido grasp Terry Dobson, including Victor Miller, current aikido as a foundation for clash answer. "Attack-tics" is a method of clash answer in response to the rules of aikido, the non-violent martial paintings Morihei Ueshiba created after global conflict II. no longer all conflicts are contests, say Dobson and Miller, and never all conflicts are both threatening.

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Good for Phil! He's struck Sheila where she lives. He's attacked her vanity as well as her overspending. Notice that neither is any closer to what underlies the fight. Conflict SHEILA: 23 My mirror, which you use all the time, didn't cost half of what that monstrous-looking TV set cost! She's playing the same game now, arguing point for point and counterattacking in the area of Phil's taste. The battle goes on, both Phil and Sheila consciously or subconsciously misperceiving what the fight's really about.

You do have some power. Use it. The other aspect of time is timing. You have to sense when the right moment for the right fact and right statement comes along. It won't do to have you shoot your whole force on the opening salvo. You're an intelligent person, and you can do a whole lot better in your fights by being more sensitive to timing than to your bruised ego. Spirit: Finally, and just as important as all the preceding, is the recognition of spirit-yours and your opponent's. When you fight, you should focus on a clean, clear intention informed by a protective spirit.

She's decided that the time and place are wrong. The store is crowded. It's just before Christmas, and the shoppers have caught one another's hysteria. Noreen and the temporary help are overworked and tired. It's a half-hour before closing time. Mrs.

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