New PDF release: Aikido and the Harmony of Nature

By Mitsugi Saotome

ISBN-10: 0834825848

ISBN-13: 9780834825840

Here's a new angle to the lessons of the founding father of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, as interpreted via his direct scholar of fifteen years. Mitsugi Saotome examines the religious philosophy of the Founder, the warrior beliefs of feudal Japan because the foundation of his martial arts philosophy, and the medical ideas underlying the philosophy of Aikido technique.

The writer exhibits that the actual circulate of Aikido is the embodiment of rules of the spirit. unfavourable strength isn't countered with aggression yet is managed and redirected during the strength and stability of spiral circulation. this can be the form of Aikido and the dynamic form on the starting place of all energies of lifestyles. Aikido move can purely be understood from its roots in common legislations and the techniques of nature. The honest perform and learn of Aikido deepens our appreciation for the perfection of nature's stability and brings us again into concord with the environment, people, and ourselves.

Abundantly illustrated with the author's drawings, diagrams, and calligraphies, in addition to pictures demonstrating Aikido suggestions, the booklet additionally deals a heritage of Aikido, own anecdotes in regards to the Founder, and translations of numerous of his lectures.

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Uechi began training in martial arts in the Chinese Fukien Province, where he trained in the Crane, Dragon and Tiger boxing styles. Kanbun Uechi had the drive and determination to labour many hours and strive to understand the meanings and purposes of 65 Japanese Martial Arts - insides_65 65 17/11/2005 17:18:47 JAPANESE MARTIAL ARTS the Chinese forms. He was an enthusiastic scholar and attentive student. He was to remain in China for over a decade in the search for enlightenment and to realise his dreams of gaining a deeper understanding and practical approach to fighting.

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Shorin-ryu considers kicks that are below the belt as more important. The Shorin-ryu masters believed that high-level kicks could be a disadvantage as there is a larger region of the body to protect and therefore exposed to attack. The unarmed teachings are supplemented with the Okinawan weapon art of kobudo. Certain instructors elect to bring traditional weaponry such as the staff and bladed weaponry into their curriculum and specialise in doing so. The ‘nunchaku’ or flail, the ‘tonfa’ or handle, the ‘kama’ known as a sickle and the sai or trident may also be chosen as an implement to be taught to the class members, or a mixture of them.

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