Stephen H. Hall's Advanced signal integrity for high-speed digital designs PDF

By Stephen H. Hall

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A synergistic method of sign integrity for high-speed electronic layout

This e-book is designed to supply modern readers with an realizing of the rising high-speed sign integrity concerns which are developing roadblocks in electronic layout. Written via the major specialists at the topic, it leverages suggestions and strategies from non-related fields corresponding to utilized physics and microwave engineering and applies them to high-speed electronic design—creating the optimum mix among thought and useful purposes.

Following an advent to the significance of sign integrity, bankruptcy assurance comprises:

  • Electromagnetic basics for sign integrity
  • Transmission line basics

  • Crosstalk

  • Non-ideal conductor versions, together with floor roughness and frequency-dependent inductance

  • Frequency-dependent houses of dielectrics

  • Differential signaling

  • Mathematical necessities of actual channels

  • S-parameters for electronic engineers

  • Non-ideal go back paths and through resonance

  • I/O circuits and types

  • Equalization

  • Modeling and budgeting of timing jitter and noise

  • process research utilizing reaction floor modeling

every one bankruptcy comprises many figures and diverse examples to assist readers relate the ideas to daily layout and concludes with difficulties for readers to check their realizing of the cloth. complicated sign Integrity for High-Speed electronic Designs is appropriate as a textbook for graduate-level classes on sign integrity, for courses taught in for pro engineers, and as a reference for the high-speed electronic fashion designer.

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Amp`ere’s law tells us that a steady-state current J will induce a magnetic field H that circulates around the wire. As described in Example 2-2, the direction of the circulation can be determined using the right-hand rule. If the thumb points in the direction of the current flow, the fingers of the right hand will curl around in the direction of the magnetic field. Subsequently, it is easy to imagine the form of the magnetic field from a single loop of current in our electromagnet, as shown in Figure 2-15a.

The speed of light (referred to as the phase velocity for media other than free space) and the intrinsic impedance in a medium is calculated as νp = √ η ≡ 1 c =√ µ r µ 0 εr ε0 µ r εr µr µ0 = εr ε0 µ E = ε H m/s ohms (2-52) (2-53) Note that for free space, µr and εr are both defined to be unity. Equations (2-54) and (2-55) summarize the TEM plane waves of both the electric and magnetic fields in general form, with the time dependency removed: Ex (z) = Ex+ e−γ z + Ex− eγ z Hy (z) = 1 + −γ z − Ex− eγ z ) (E e η x (2-54) (2-55) where γ = α + jβ is the propagation constant; α describes how the signal is attenuated by conductor and dielectric losses, described in full detail in Chapters 5 and 6; and β is the phase constant, as defined by (2-46) when the phase velocity in (2-52) is substituted for the speed of light in a vacuum (c).

For a test surface, the number of flux lines entering the surface must equal the flux leaving it, and there are no abrupt terminations of 20 ELECTROMAGNETIC FUNDAMENTALS FOR SIGNAL INTEGRITY the magnetic field. Therefore, the flux lines of a magnetic field consist of closed lines. 8 Curl Historically, the concept of curl comes from a mathematical model of hydrodynamics. Early work by Helmholtz studying the vortex motion of fluid led ultimately to Maxwell’s and Faraday’s conceptions of electric fields induced by time-varying magnetic fields, which is shown in equation (2-1) [Johnk, 1988].

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