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I showed him my paper and he seemed very satisfied with the results. He referred to it (as well as my earlier paper on his theory) in his lecture on the campus. These references made my lectures “fashionable” and my class increased in numbers. Savage was one of the new recruits. My paper came back from the Royal Society with a referee’s report which raised doubts about the choice of signs in my equations. This became a matter of acute discussion every Thursday with Roberts and Prendergast. I also discussed it with Wentzel.

I was very puzzled about this and I worried myself all evening, and, as we went to a movie with Bengt, I worried Bengt also. After we returned from the movie, I started working again and soon realized that Q, was not zero. And by next morning, the reductions were completed and Q was found to be arbitrary. During the afternoon, I wandered around the golf course and suddenly it occurred to me that the K-integral must be used. Immediately everything seemed to become clear, and coming to the Observatory, I saw Bengt, and said that the ambiguity was resolved.

I. Taylor at this time in Berkeley. And in Pasadena I lectured on Radiative Transfer and also on stability problems. It was in Pasadena, I first began seriously thinking of the Couette flow problem. ) Taylor’s paper was clearly too “messy”. I had, in fact, given seminars even before going to the West Coast; but the solution for the case when an axial field was present was obtained only subsequently: the crucial approximation that the values of the physical constants are such as to entail an important simplification had not occurred to me.

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