New PDF release: A Reference Grammar of Japanese

By Samuel Elmo Martin

ISBN-10: 0824828186

ISBN-13: 9780824828189

Have you questioned a couple of jap sentence your textbook fails to provide an explanation for? Do you are feeling not sure concerning the use of «wa,» «ga,» and «mo?» Or what the foundations and meanings of phrases of their literary varieties are? if that is so, you will discover your solutions in A Reference Grammar of jap, the main complete and trustworthy reference resource to be had. With an intensive 105-page index, the reader will speedy locate causes for debris similar to wa, ga, mo, ni, and de tough nouns resembling mono, koto, tokoro, wake, hazu, and tame sentence extensions akin to ne, yo, sa, yara, and nari verb tenses, literary types, unfavorable types - in brief, every thing interested in the japanese language. For the intense pupil, this e-book is essential for clearing up the ambiguities of complicated eastern sentences.
«A really enormous paintings. the most effective reference grammars ever written approximately any language.» - magazine of Asian Studies
«A wealth of knowledge has been packed among the covers.» - Monumenta Nipponica
«By a long way the main entire reference grammar of jap within the English language (and possibly in any language).» - magazine of Linguistics

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2. (E) 8. 2, § 9. 1 . 1 3, cf. § 1 7. 1 ) : iwai (o-iwai) n i 'as a celebration, in order to celebrate'; V-i ni i ku 'goes to V', VN [si ] ni i ku 'goes to V N ' ( § 9. 1 . 1 ) . Does taberu no n i y o i ' i s good for eati ng' belong here? 2. E 9. -see § 9. 1 . 1 . E 1 0. manner '-ly, -wise': see § 9. 1 . (3) . ( E ) 1 1 . 8 on conjoini ng. Cf. Sore ni 'And (then/a lso) '. 1 2. 8 (daroo ni) ; § 1 7. 7 ( l iterary tentative + ni with several meanings) ; § 9. 1 . l a ( V 1 -i n i V 1 -ru) ; ... ( E ) 1 3.

3. 2. (subdued) subject i n adnominalized sentences-see § 1 3. 1 . 5- 6. 3. pronominal 'one/fact/it' etc. 2, § 1 5. 1 3; also § 1 5. 1 7. ) 4. '(which) is (a case of) I = na (from ni [-te]C aru) in certai n adnomi nalizations of the . ly, a reduction . o f ndi aru ( ) copula ; see § 1 3. 1storical 5. an obl igatory reduction(1of n�1 no (4 + 3) 'the one which is' or ( if the derivation is . not u ltimately the same) of no) noI ( 1 + 3) 'the one of (or belonging to) ... '. I "" • kara 6 1 . SO U R CE '(starting) from': a PLACE ( ko ko kara 'from here') or quasi-place ( kokoro 4.

For some speakers prototonic kara . 2 . 39d) ; bunsyoo kara site (suru to, mfru to) 'judg i ng from, the (sentence) style'; kono koto , , kara , 1 as1,. b etu no k a' k u d o kara k angaeru . I wa karu yoo to, ... ( •) ni 'A s 1s c I ear f rom t h "1s fact ... ; S"k 'But, when considered from a d ifferent ang le, .. ' (Tanigawa 1 39) . Notice that where Engl ish prefers to begi n AT a time, Japanese prefers to begi n F ROM a time: yo-zi kara hazimaru 'it starts at four'. 45) . Some uses seem a bit obscure : ...

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