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By Peter H. Lee

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This accomplished narrative heritage of Korean literature presents crucial details for students and scholars in addition to others. Combining heritage and feedback, the examine displays the most recent scholarship and comprises an account of the improvement of all genres. In 25 chapters, it covers twentieth-century poetry, fiction via ladies, and the literature of North Korea. will probably be an enormous contribution to the sphere and a research that may stay for a few years the first source for learning Korean literature.

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Kim Chinhy˘ong (1801–65). Author of the kasa “Pukch’˘on ka” (Song of a northern exile, 1854). Kim Chiw˘on (b. 1943). Contemporary woman writer of fiction who has been living in New York since the 1970s. (b. 1942). Contemporary woman writer of fiction. Kim Chiy˘on Kim Chogyu (b. 1914). North Korean writer of poetry. ). North Korean writer of fiction. Kim Ch˘ong Kim Chongjik (1431–92). Scholar and writer who nurtured a number of renowned pupils; master of the Human Nature and Principle learning (a branch of Neo-Confucianism devoted to metaphysical inquiry into human nature and moral self-cultivation); compiler of Ch’˘onggu p’unga , an annotated anthology of poems in Chinese by Koreans from the Three Kingdoms to Kory˘o.

The story contains a kasa, “Kamby˘ol kok,” hence the title. (1495–1554). Writer of “Oryun ka” (Songs of five Chu Sebung relations) and other didactic sijo. ˘ (1675–1720). Graduate of the military examination who Chu Uisik served as a magistrate, painted plum blossoms well, and left 14 sijo. (1900–79). Twentieth-century poet who advocated a truly Chu Yohan Korean poetic form based on a study of folk songs. (1902–72). Writer of short stories and longer fiction who Chu Yos˘op studied in Shanghai and Stanford and taught at Furen University in Peking (1934–45).

1919). Writer of fiction, including a three-part Kim S˘onghan historical fiction Yi S˘onggye (1966). xlii Glossary (1525–98). Friend of Ch˘ong Ch’˘ol praised in his Kim S˘ongw˘on “S˘ongsan py˘olgok” (Little odes to Mount Star, c. 1578) for his elegant life in South Ch˘olla. (1902–34). Early twentieth-century folk-song-style poet Kim Sow˘ol with only one collection, Chindallaekkot (Azaleas, 1925), comprising 127 pieces. Kim committed suicide in 1934. Kim Sujang (1690–1769). Sijo poet and singer of common origin who left 129 sijo.

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