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By Barry Jonsberg.

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A loose journey to the Northern Territory! Sounds solid, thinks Marcus—"Mucus" to his sister Rose. but if his ally Dylan joins the relatives vacation, mayhem isn't some distance away. Blacky the farting puppy, again in his moment adventure, has a undertaking that Marcus and Dylan cannot refuse. hassle is, this venture consists of a titanic saltwater crocodile who might a lot particularly chomp on a human for dinner than have a civilized dialog. after all, there is additionally the small subject of a large big-game hunter on a collision path with our heroes. and may Marcus be any fit for his suggest older sister Rose and her lightsaber-wielding ally Cy Ob Han? Blacky the grasp of conceal is again, choked with angle and pungent as ever.

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Dyl whispered to me as we watched our second safety demonstration of the day. ‘To kiss our bums goodbye,’ I replied. Dyl just nodded. An uneventful hour later, we landed at a small airstrip. While everyone waited for their luggage, Dyl and I stepped outside to have our first proper look at the Territory. The first thing I noticed was the heat. It was like a thick wet blanket. A bead of sweat formed on the back of my neck, trickled and itched its way inside my T-shirt. The second thing I noticed was the sky.

He’s not the sort of hound to sloppily lick your face and then roll over to get his belly rubbed. More likely to chew your nose off and then roll over to get a better angle for gnawing your ankles. Man’s worst friend. And rude. Rose is sweetness and light in comparison. To make matters worse, Blacky also has a fart problem. I don’t mean he has a problem farting. He doesn’t. That’s the problem. For all that, he taught me heaps. In particular, he taught me how we are destroying the planet and wiping out animals, plants and insects at a rate never before seen in the history of Earth.

Then again, she’d put in years of practice. ’ I said. ’ Dylan leaned towards me. ‘Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer,’ he whispered. I was impressed. ‘It’s a line from a movie,’ he continued. ‘I’ve waited years to say it. ’ We walked back to our cabins with Mum and Dad. Rose and Cy stayed at the restaurant to glare at each other and throw themselves under the waiter’s feet. ‘Don’t stay up too late, boys,’ said Dad. ‘It’s been a long day and I reckon we should be fresh for the crocodile cruise in the morning.

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