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A British Anarchist Tradition makes a speciality of 3 modern British theorists and practitioners, Herbert learn, Colin Ward, and Alex convenience and appears at their interrelation, commonality, and collective effect on British radical thought.

The booklet goals to foster a better figuring out of anarchism as an highbrow reaction to twentieth century advancements and its influence on political proposal and activities. For the 1st time, the paintings of those 3 writers is gifted as a practice, highlighting the consistency in their issues and issues. to take action, the publication indicates how they addressed the issues confronted by way of smooth British society, with transparent strains of political, literary, and highbrow traditions linking them. It additionally specializes in their contribution to the improvement of anarchist conceptions of freedom within the 20th century.

A British Anarchist Tradition identifies a space of anarchism that merits larger serious, scholarly recognition. Its particular and thorough study will make it a priceless source for somebody drawn to modern anarchist notion, political thought, and political movements.

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For Read, only anarchism, with its concern for the libertarian values of the socialist tradition, for diversity and individuality, and its challenge to authority, could respond to twentieth-century dangers of war and state totalitarianism. Read aimed to highlight the intellectual calibre of the tradition and emphasize its significance for the political problems of the contemporary era. One of the most significant wartime catalysts for the revival and development of the anarchist tradition in Britain was the series of police raids on the offices of the Freedom Press in the closing years of the Second World War, and the subsequent sedition trial that followed.

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