Download e-book for iPad: 50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Migraines by Wendy Green, Anne MacGregor

By Wendy Green, Anne MacGregor

ISBN-10: 0857654861

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ISBN-13: 9781840247220

Notice how you can steer clear of migraine triggers, decide upon invaluable nutrition and vitamins to aid deal with migraines, and extra during this accomplished therapeutic manual According to the area well-being association, migraines are probably the most critical, disabling health conditions. instructing the best way to take care of them, this advisor explains how nutritional, mental, and environmental components could cause migraines and provides sensible recommendation and a holistic method of aid deal with them, together with uncomplicated way of life and nutritional adjustments and DIY common therapies. The advisor additionally teaches a high-quality understanding of conventional and substitute remedies.

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Some migraineurs claim that their headaches are triggered by foods containing sulphites, but there’s no conclusive evidence of a direct link. Alcohol withdrawal is known to cause headaches and it may be this, rather than sulphites, that triggers migraines. Sodium benzoate This is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal preservative derived from benzoic acid. It is e̝ective in foods that are slightly acidic: prawns, margarine, so˕ drinks, cheesecake mix, soy sauce, orange squash and sweets. There is no clinical evidence of a link with migraines, but the Migraine Action Association reports that some members have identi̞ed it as a trigger.

Ginger biscuits make a good snack to carry around with you to help you deal with an attack. 12. Eat magnesium-rich foods Some studies have suggested that magnesium levels tend to be low in migraineurs. Too little magnesium is thought to lead to a reduced blood ̟ow to the brain, and is also linked to low blood sugar. Both of these factors seem to be involved in migraine attacks. Low magnesium levels appear to be especially common in those who su̝er from migraines with aura and menstrual migraines.

These results prompted further research to see whether it could help other conditions. One study suggested that it may improve migraines. But the trial involved only ten people over a period of just four to six weeks, so further research is needed to con̞rm whether or not glucosamine supplementation is bene̞cial for migraineurs. If you want to try it, the suggested dose is 1,500–2,000 mg a day. SUPPLEMENTARY BENEFITS 53 Melatonin The Migraine Action Association reports that melatonin may help to prevent migraines.

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